Athena pursues an organisational strategy of centralising core functions and competencies while maintaining a strong local foundation in key markets. Athena is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, but holds a local presence also in Italy, its main market.
Highly skilled and experienced employees
Athena has an experienced team of key employees, strategically located in each of the key markets. The Company has a proven track record of successfully developing projects in the respective areas of expertise.The organisation is based on having a number of employees with great expertise within their respective specialist field. The combination of the key employees’ technical know-how and knowledge of local conditions makes the Company better suited to successfully manage Athena’s projects in each of the development, construction and operational phases and to successfully overcome the risks inherent in developing renewable energy and environmental projects.
When searching for high-motivated and entrepreneurial team-players to join the Company, open positions will be shown here at the homepage.