Luca Rovati


Member and Chairman of the Board of Directors since April 2018
Deputy chairman of the Board of Directors from October 2010 - April 2018
Born in 1961
Nationality: Italian
Graduated cum Laude in Economics
Certified Business Consultant and Chartered Accountant

Competencies of special relevance to Athena:
Renewable energy

Other executive functions/directorships:
Nuove Partecipazioni S.p.A. (Director)
Marco Polo International Italy Spa (Director)
COINV (Director)
Marco Polo International Holding Italy SpA (Director)
Fidim S.r.l (Executive Director)
Armonia SGR S.p.A (Deputy Chairman)
Armonia Holding S.r.l (Director)
Atlantica Properties S.p.A. (Director)

International background in pharmaceutical industry particularly focused in the financial field and M&A.
He managed the acquisition in 2000 and 2005 of the Italian Companies Laboratori Guieu and Biochimici PSN allowing the Group to gain the leadership in the pharmacy personal care market in Italy and Europe.
In August 2007 he led the acquisition of the German company Madaus Pharma that has been the most important M&A activity conducted in the Pharma business by an Italian company.
He has been Contract Professor of Business Management at University “Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” – Milan and Lecturer of Corporate Finance at University “Luigi Bocconi” – Milan
In the position of University Professor he published a work concerning Finance and Taxation of big industrial firms particularly in the field of Pharmaceuticals.

Luca Rovati is considered as a non-independent board member as he represents one of the major shareholders of Athena Investments A/S.