Communication policy

Through its communication initiatives, Athena Investments A/S wishes to give a true and fair view of the Group’s results and activities and to ensure that its decisions and transactions are accepted and understood.

Athena Investments A/S communicates to create transparency and openness in matters relating to the Group’s stakeholders.

In its communication efforts, the Group is restricted by competitive factors.

Constructive interaction with the media is one of the tools the Group employs in its communications. This also includes fast responses from the Group spokespersons to media queries.

Information material such as websites and presentations is prepared to inform the Group’s stakeholders about relevant activities.

The Group also employs a centralised knowledge-sharing strategy at management-reporting level and with respect to other general intra-group information. Through in-house information sharing in the Group’s various subsidiaries, we ensure that Group employees are regularly informed about activities and strategies pursued in the Group and their particular company.