IR policy

Athena Investments A/S has defined its IR policy in accordance with the disclosure requirements for issuers on the NASDAQ Copenhagen.

With its IR policy, Athena Investments A/S intends to:

> ensure equal treatment for all market players;
> ensure that the Company’s value creation is reflected, to the greatest possible extent, in the current share price;
> create in-depth knowledge about the Company and thereby increase interest in trading in the Company’s shares.

Athena Investments A/S intends to arrange information meetings at appropriate intervals for shareholders, investors and analysts. However, there is a requirement that such meetings may not be held for a period of four weeks before scheduled announcements of financial results.
All information sent to the NASDAQ Copenhagen will immediately afterwards be available on the Company’s website and will be included in the Group’s newsletter, which is submitted by e-mail to subscribers.
Athena Investments A/S has appointed a person in charge of IR to act as contact person for all stakeholders. Questions will be answered to the extent possible and provided that such answers do not involve the disclosure of inside information or are detrimental to the Company.