The total number of registered shareholders was per 31 December 2017 approximately 4,800.

These registered shareholders represented almost 99% of the Company’s share capital. Accordingly, unregistered shareholders own 1.17% of the Company’s shares.

Athena’s shareholder composition:
Shareholder No. of shares Percentage of the Company’s shares Nominal (DKK)
Registered shareholders 105,411,921 98.83% 527,059,605.00
Unregistered shareholders 1,250,774 1.17%


Major shareholders
The following has informed that it holds more than 50% of the Company’s share capital:

  • GWM Renewable Energy II S.r.l


The following has informed that it holds more than 25% of the Company’s share capital:

  • SDP RAIF – Genesis (former GWM SIF – Genesis)


Shares held by insiders
The total number of shares controlled by the Board of Directors and the Management Board of the Company is 45,000.

The holdings can be broken down as follows:
Board of Directors:
Peter Høstgaard-Jensen 20,000
Luca Rovati 0*
Michèle Bellon 0
Jean-Marc Janailhac 0
Valerio Andreoli Bonazzi 0
Management Board:
Alessandro Reitelli 25,000
Francesco Vittori 0
Total 45,000
* Through his engagement in GWM RE II, Luca Rovati represents a shareholding of 54,109,944 shares.