Interim Financial Report – Half Year 2018

Positive trend in financials for H1 2018
-4% decrease in revenue to EUR 27.2M mainly due to changes in perimeter (+2% excluding changes in perimeter)
Stable EBITDA amounting to EUR 20.3M (EUR 24.3M including Joint Ventures)
11% profit increase to EUR 5.4M

Stable production trend in H1 2018
+10% in total net production in H1 2018 vs H1 2017: 180 GWh (excluding change in perimeter)
• Actual wind production in line with estimates
-3% in actual solar production vs estimates

Positive trend in Athena’s share price
+25% six-month average H1 2018 (8.89DKK) vs H1 2017 (7.13DKK)


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