As a Danish company, Athena started renewable energy business in this country in 2000, building up almost 15.5 MW of gross capacity in 4 wind farms in two years.

Representing the continuation of Athena’s re-positioning strategy, started in 2015, with “portfolio rotation” as one of the Company’s strategic key pillars, the Danish wind activities has been sold before the end of 2017.

Current tariff system

Wind installations in Denmark are regulated by the Government’s Promotion of Renewable Energy Law 1392 of 27 December 2008. The price depends on when the wind turbine is connected to the grid.

For on-shore plants commissioned on or after 01.01.2014:

  • Guaranteed bonus of 0.25 DKK (approx. €ct 3) but  maximum subsidy (bonus plus market price) may not be higher than 0.58 DKK (approx. €ct 8) per kWh for the sum of 6,600 full load hours and 5.6 MW per 1 m2 rotor area plus 0,023 DKK (€ct 0,3) for covering the balancing costs.

On-shore plants commissioned between 21.02.2008 and 31.12.2013:

  • Guaranteed bonus of 0.25 DKK (approx. €ct 3) per kWh for 22,000 full load hours plus 0,023 DKK (€ct 0,3) for covering the balancing costs.
  • Plants financed by utility companies: maximum subsidy (bonus plus market price) of 0.33 DKK (approx. €ct 4) per kWh, applicable for 10 years from the date of connection of the plant, plus guaranteed bonus (unlimited term) of 0.10 DKK (approx. €ct 1) per kWh.

Older plants already exceeding the 22.000 full load hours receive Market Price + 13 euro/MWh. (0,10 DKK)  added during the entire lifetime of the turbine to compensate for the cost of balancing.

Athena´s operating portfolio in Denmark has exceeded the 22.000 full load hours and is therefore regulated by the daily market price + the fixed additional 13 euro/MWh.

The Athena portfolio, however, has a Government-guaranteed lifetime floor of 48 euro/MWh. This gives the producer the option of choosing between the market price and the Government-guaranteed fixed price.